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DIY Decorative Hooks
Guest Blog by Bethany Joy

Friends! I hope you're doing so well even during this quarantine that we've all been going through. It's been a goal of mine to share lots of extra joy through art during this time to keep you all inspired!


Today I'm sharing a fun new diy project for you featuring the amazing P Graham Dunn. They just have so many fabulous products to create with and I love that I get to share them with you. Another amazing thing about P Graham Dunn? During this Covid-19 pandemic, they have used their resources to assemble over 1 million infection control shields. How amazing is that?! Seriously, P Graham Dunn is just the best! 



I just thought that news was too good not to share...but now let's start creating! For this project you will only need a few things:

-26x10.5 Craft Pallet from P Graham Dunn

-2 acrylic paint colors (I chose a light pink and white but you could use any colors) 

-a chippy bristle brush (I used a 2 inch brush)

-a skinny brush for lettering



-hanger for the back


Step 1:

This first step is oh so easy...paint the entire pallet one solid color (I chose light pink as pictured). You'll want to be sure to paint the sides as well! Allow to dry before moving on to step 2.


Step 2:

Using your 2 inch chippy brush and your second acrylic paint color (I chose white) you're going to paint over top of the first layer. The goal is to allow some of the first color to shine through the new layer. Since you're using a chippy brush, this will be fairly easy, too. You'll just want to be sure that your brush strokes all go in the same direction. Allow to dry before moving on to step 3. 


Step 3:

Using a skinny brush, you're going to use your first color again (I'm using light pink) to add some lettering! You could add any word or words here. Or perhaps even a design rather than words (hearts, flowers, or a mandala type pattern for example). I chose the word joy and painted it across the top of my pallet (leaving room for my hooks at the bottom). Allow to dry before moving on to the last step. 


Step 4: 

For this step, you're going to drill a few holes in your pallet (I needed 3). Then, you'll add your knobs/hooks! Mine simply screw through the holes and attach to the back with the hardware they came with. You can find decorative knobs/hooks at many stores. My favorite places to find them include Hobby Lobby and World Market. You'll also want to add a hanger to the back (perhaps a saw tooth hanger). Then you're all finished and ready to use your super cute new hooks! 


I sure do love sharing these fun DIY projects with you. My friends at P Graham Dunn have been oh so generous and given me a coupon code to share! Use the code JOY during checkout for 15% off your entire order, yay! 


Thanks so much for checking out this project and post. Stay inspired and healthy, too! 






DIY Wooden Bookmarks
Guest Blog by Bethany Joy


Yay for March! And spring! And flowers! And P Graham Dunn

This March is definitely a bit unusual, however, and the world is all so different than normal. I originally started writing this post at the beginning of the month and now looking back and reading what I wrote, I realize I wouldn’t have written such an excited sounding intro. I want to leave it that way though, because we could all use a little excitement right now. That being said...I am so excited to share today’s DIY project with you all. I know a lot of people might be a bit bored at home right now, so I’m hoping this project will serve as some inspiration! 

I actually chose this project with my sweet Nana in mind. This month, she celebrated a milestone birthday and she absolutely loves to read. My Nana loves reading so much that she even writes down the titles of each book she reads in a special notebook to keep track of it all...and the list is SO impressive!  When I saw that P Graham Dunn had wooden bookmarks, I just knew I had to make some for my Nana (and share the how-to with you)! 


This DIY project is the perfect combination of crafting and painting. Of course, fine art and painting are my favorite, however, I have also been a huge fan of DIY and craft projects my entire life. You name it, I’ve probably tried it….crocheting, weaving, jewelry making, sewing, macrame, scrapbooking, candle making, soap making...just to name a few. Oh, and wood burning of course! So today’s project actually combines a little bit of wood burning, a little bit of painting, and some pom pom and bow tying, too! So fun, right?! 


Here’s what you need:

-Wooden Bookmarks from P Graham Dunn

-Wood Burner


-Acrylic Paint

-Assortment of yarn and ribbon

-Pom pom maker (optional)



Let’s create! 

Step 1: 

In this first step, you’re going to want to use a pencil to sketch out a plan for your wood burning. As you can see, I did a variety of designs featuring words, hearts, and flowers. While you’re sketching, you’ll want to turn on your wood burner so it can be heating up. Once it’s warm, you’re ready to begin! Wood burning can be a very complex form of art, but for what we’re wanting to accomplish with this project, it’s actually pretty simple. You’re just going to want to apply a small amount of pressure as you hold down your wood burner on the bookmark and drag it across your sketch. Just like drawing, but with a hot pencil? Haha Be extra careful on this step! 













Step 2: 

Add some paint! Gather your favorite acrylic paint and use a medium flat brush to add some color to your bookmarks. As you can see, I just added some simple brush strokes across each one. Think of the paint kind of like confetti and have fun dabbing it on! Allow the paint to dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: 

Varnish! This protects your project from dirt, etc. and gives it a tiny bit of shine. The varnish I like to use is a spray varnish and is very simple to use. Just be sure to spray an even layer across the front (and back if you want) and allow to dry. You’ll want to do this step outside for sure. 

Step 4: 

Our final step! This part is definitely fun. We’re going to add some tassels and pom poms to our bookmarks to make them extra cute! You’ll need some skinny ribbon and/or yarn. I chose a variety of colors and textures. Adding the ribbon is easy...simply loop it through the hole at the top of your bookmark and trim to your liking. 



If you’d like to try making pom poms, it’s helpful to use a pom pom maker. Wind your yarn around the sides (as pictured), cut, and tie. Be sure to leave the yarn long after you tie it off so that you can loop that part through the bookmark. I’ve added some photos below so that you can see the pom pom maker in action a bit clearer. 



That’s it! Such a fun project, especially during this time of staying home and quarantine. P Graham Dunn has been extra generous and given me a special coupon code to share with you. Upon check out, be sure to use the code “JOY” for 15% off your entire order! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak all orders will begin shipping on April 7th. I’ve created several other DIY guides for my blog featuring P Graham Dunn that you could check out too if you’re in need of some family stay at home projects. It’s a great time to stock up on supplies and create your heart out! 

Happy creating!    


DIY Heart Photo Display
Guest Blog by Bethany Joy

Happy February, friends! 

Hopefully you’ve had a great month so far! And even though Valentine’s Day has already passed us by this year, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a little heart art DIY project...with P Graham Dunn, of course! 



For this project, you will need: 

-wooden heart shape from P Graham Dunn

-a variety of acrylic paint

-a drill and a small drill bit

-thick wire (I used a wire coat hanger)

-wire cutters

-hot glue




Let’s jump right in and start creating! 

Step 1: 

Paint the heart shape! You can customize this wooden heart in so many ways...seriously, the possibilities are endless! I chose a variety of bright colors and simply painted an abstract design on the heart. Don’t forget to paint the sides! The sides on this heart are extra thick...that’s actually why I chose to do this project, because the sides are thick enough that the heart can stand on its own! Allow a bit of dry time before the next step. Since we’ve used acrylic paint for this step, it should dry fairly quickly. 

Step 2:

Gather your drill and small drill bit for this step. We’re simply going to drill a small hole for the wire to set in. You’ll want to prop the heart up on its side...however you plan on displaying it. Then you’ll want to make a small dot where you’d like the wire to be. After that, you’ll use your small bit to drill a hole in the heart (at least an inch deep). This step is quick, easy, and fun! 

Step 3:   

Now let’s cut and shape our wire. For this step, you will need your wire, wire cutters, and pliers. 

*Be extra careful during this step!* The ease of this step depends on how thick your wire is. The wire I’m using is from a wire coat hanger, so it’s pretty thick making it a bit more difficult (but definitely not impossible!) to cut and bend into shape. Once I cut the wire, I used pliers to bend one end on the wire into a coil/swirl shape. That way, whatever photo I want on display will be able to slide into the coil.

Step 4:

Once you’ve gotten your wire the length and shape you desire, it’s time to attach it to the heart shape. For this step, I simply added some hot glue to the end of the wire and slipped it into the hole. The wire fits really well in the hole anyways, but I wanted to add the hot glue for extra stability.

Step 5: 

That’s it! You’ve created your custom heart photo holder! All you’ve got left to do is to display a photo! The possibilities are endless here as well and the photo is so easy to change out so you can display something different as often as you’d like. I hope this got your creative juices flowing and I hope you love your new creation! 

Sharing these DIY projects with you each month is extra fun for me. It’s an exciting new way to expand on my creativity and I just love having the opportunity to partner with the amazing folks at P Graham Dunn as well! I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did and don’t forget to use the coupon code “JOY” for 15% off your purchase with P Graham Dunn! Thank you for allowing me to share with you!

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